Etobicoke Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies often happen unexpectedly and are frequently accompanied by pain and discomfort.  If you suffer from a toothache, broken fillings or dental work, abscessed tooth, chipped, broken or knocked out tooth, please call us for emergency dental care. 416-255-6400

At Lakeshore Dental we have an accommodating schedule, so we can treat your dental emergency – often on the same day. Here are some ways you can take care of the most common dental injuries.

Knocked Out Tooth

Dental emergencies

If a tooth is completely knocked out, it should be quickly rinsed off with water, but never scrubbed. The tooth should be held by the crown (top), not the root, so you do not damage the ligaments. In cases with a cooperative adult, the tooth should be put back in the socket. Many people may be uncomfortable re-implanting the tooth on their own. If this is the case, be sure to transport the tooth to the doctor or dentist in saline, milk, or saliva.

Chipped Or Broken Tooth

Dental emergencies

If a tooth is chipped or broken, the first thing to worry about is the bleeding. Apply direct, gentle pressure to the affected gum area, not the tooth itself to stop the bleeding. Rinse your mouth gently with warm water and then apply a cold compress to the area. If you find the broken piece of the tooth, bring it with you when you go to the dentist. Use a pain killer in small doses to relieve any pain.


Dental emergencies

Over-the counter pain medications may be used while you arrange a dental appointment. Avoid cold or hot foods because this may worsen the pain. Relief may be obtained by biting on a cotton ball soaked in oil of cloves.