Preventive Dentistry


At Lakeshore Dental, we believe in the importance of establishing a program of continuing care in order to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. On your first visit, we give you a complete dental exam. We give you a full report on what your dental exam has revealed.  Dr. Izabela Olczyk and Associates, will develop a detailed dental plan. We do not want surprises, only beautiful smiles.

Your preventive program will include:

Digital X-Rays

preventive2Digital X-rays are a necessary tool for seeing if and where your teeth are decaying, as well as other important factors affecting treatment. This is the most effective way to see into the tooth and its roots. Digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure by up to 90% compared to traditional x-rays.

Intra-Oral Cameras

All the operatories have high resolution intra oral cameras which enable us to show you images of your particular dental problem. This can help you make a more informed decision about the recommended course of treatment.

preventive3VELscope Oral Cancer Screenings

We use VELscope oral cancer screening technology to ensure the health of our patients. Every check-up includes a full screening for oral cancer.  The hygienist will check the gums, lips, tongue and teeth for any sign of cancer. Early detection is essential for cure.

preventive4Gum Health Evaluation

Your gums will be carefully examined for any signs of periodontal disease.  We will ensure you have a thorough check with minimal discomfort.

Tooth Decay Exam

After determining the levels of any decay, we use specialized instruments to check and treat any issues.

Dental Cleanings

A professional dental cleaning every six months or sooner is recommended to keep your mouth healthy.  We remove any hardened plaque.  This is the plaque that brushing and flossing cannot remove. We polish your teeth.  This is to get rid of any stains from things like coffee or tobacco. We also check for bad breath symptoms.

Home Care

Brushing your teeth is the best way you can help in your dental care – It is especially important to brush before going to sleep.  This is when your teeth are most vulnerable. Your mouth stops producing saliva when you sleep.  Saliva is what helps breaks down food in your mouth and keeps it from turning into harmful plaque.