Etobicoke Single Tooth Restoration


Single Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

Lakeshore Dental offers several different types of implants to fit your individual case.  If you are missing a single tooth and currently use a removable partial denture or tooth-supported crown, an implant-supported crown may be a better alternative.  Single tooth replacements look and feel so natural, typically only you and the dentist will know the difference.

tooth replacements

Implant-supported crowns are generally a better solution.

  • Looks, feels and performs similar to your natural tooth
  • Does not compromise your adjacent teeth to support a bridge
  • Preserves surrounding bone (replaces tooth root)
  • Prevents bone collapse and jaw line recession
  • Oral care same as a natural tooth
  • Restores a more secure biting ability than a removable denture
  • Restores self-confidence and appearance