Etobicoke Teeth Whitening

Enjoy whiter, brighter teeth with our professional teeth whitening systems at Lakeshore Dental.

teeth whitening

You have a choice of in-office teeth whitening treatments or take-home whitening kits to effectively remove stains caused by the usage of tobacco, coca cola, coffee, tea, red wine, as well as aging and chemical damage to your teeth. Achieving the beautiful, brilliant smile you have always wanted, could be as simple as having a professional teeth whitening treatment at Lakeshore Dental in Etobicoke.

Laser Teeth Whitening

This procedure is done right in the dental office in only one appointment. It safely whitens your teeth by an average of 8 shades. The hygienist or one of our doctors applies a hydrogen peroxide solution to the targeted teeth and then activates it with a high intensity laser light. This procedure is repeated for three 20 minute cycles before the desired effect is achieved. If you are interested in laser whitening, please contact us to set up a FREE consultation.


teeth whitening

During this visit, we will discuss your teeth whitening needs, explain how whitening works, assess and record the current shade of your teeth, and take pictures of your smile. We will then take impressions of your teeth for the touch-up trays you’ll be using later to maintain the whiteness of your smile.

Home Teeth Whitening

We also offer a home whitening system, which requires two visits to the dentist: the first for a consultation and impressions for the custom-fit whitening trays, and the second for pick up of your trays and your whitening gel kit and to go over bleaching instructions. It will take approximately two to three weeks to whiten your teeth depending on how frequently you wear your trays.

teeth whitening

Not everyone will achieve the same results. It is important to have a consultation and cleaning first before whitening is started. Fillings, bonding, crowns, and bridges will not bleach and may need to be replaced after the process is complete.